9R Core Values

The Principles

These core values are the guiding principles that shape how we work and how we relate to others around us, be they colleagues or customers. These principles give us purpose to seek long-term value for our stakeholders while ensuring teamwork, creativity and innovation that generate solutions to solve problems.


We are obsessed with our customers, and this includes our employees, vendors, suppliers and shareholders. We identify their needs by listening, understanding, analysing them and then offering effective solutions to these needs.

and Accountability

Taking responsibility is core to our work as we look beyond short-term gains to long-term sustainability when acting on behalf of 9R. We celebrate success and are responsible for results, together.

Courage, Passion,

We    are    driven   by   passion   and
determination to take up challenges and embrace change through learning, improving and innovating. Most of all, to be always curious about the world around us.

Creativity and

Being aware helps us think out of the box and look for effective solution for our stakeholders. Being adventurous, creative and open-minded, we prefer simplicity and efficacy when we offer solutions.

and Trust

Trust and teamwork are the glue that binds us all together, be it with internal or external stakeholders. Being humble and respectful towards each other goes a long way when working together as a team championing projects together.

Integrity and
Positive Impact

Having integrity means being sincere, righteous faithful and honest in all we do. Through these values, we strive to create positive impact for all stakeholders and impacting lives in a positive way