9R Business

The Group’s supply chain management arm under DSC and DSCSG aims to ease the labour shortage, high cost and absenteeism issues faced by many businesses in the services sector and in particular those in the F&B, hospitality and sanitation industries through offering service robots powered by AI that can assist in enhancing efficiency and overall daily operations.

Think out of the box

At 9R, our values help guide us in seeking the solutions and innovations that can help our customers and at the same time, provide the framework for us to relate to those around us and ensure the sustainability of our business.

Our solutions

Chain Management


Keenon service robots such as dinerbots, guiderbots, disinfection robots and butlerbots leveraging on artificial intelligence and digitalisation to the F&B, hospitality, sanitisation and disinfection as well as customer service industries.

JBL Sound

Health and
wellness products


Family entertainment
and leisure establishments

9R Leisure spearheads the Group’s diversification into family entertainment and leisure establishments with the goal of building a portfolio of popular lifestyle brands.

Red Box

As part of 9R’s long-term strategy to enhance shareholders’ value and at the same time offer innovations in customer-centric service, the Group acquired CSSB which owns Red Box Plus at Pavilion KL, marking its entry into the premium family karaoke industry offering F&B experiences served by AI-powered robots in plush surroundings and equipped by state-ofthe- art JBL audio-visual system.